COVID-19 UPDATE:  You have enough to worry about in these uncertain times.  AFFYX Adhesives is operating at full production capacity to ensure that supply of your critical products goes uninterrupted.  Click here for official company updates regarding COVID-19.

After decades of manufacturing quality adhesives for some of the world’s most respected companies, AFFYX™ is proud to be North America’s leading manufacturer of private label adhesives.

As a division of Adhesives Technology Corporation for more than 20 years, we have a heritage in delivering unsurpassed performance. AFFYX is clearly focused on private label contract services and dedicated to serving our customers like never before.

What’s in Our Name, for You?

Nobody knows more about private label adhesives manufacturing, filling and fulfillment than AFFYX. Our products are found on job sites and in retail stores all across North America. They are listed by the Departments of Transportation in all states that have approved products lists and are certified by ICC and IAPMO. Companies like yours work with us because it’s easier and more expedient to manage procurement with AFFYX than to run product testing, certification, production and logistics in-house.

While our history dates back to 1996, when we shipped our first private label order, today our promise for the future is to help businesses like yours not just to succeed, but to excel in every performance metric possible.

North America’s Leading Manufacturer of Private Label Adhesives

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