Official Update to COVID-19 Virus Response

For Immediate Release

March 20, 2020

To our valued customers and partners:

Meridian Adhesives Group is continuing to closely follow the unfolding COVID-19 outbreak. We are

dedicated to remaining a trusted supplier during this unsteady market. Thursday, March 19, California

officials announced an order for citizens to shelter at home. At this time, all Meridian Adhesives Group

manufacturing sites fall under the chemical manufacturing sector definition, including our sites located

in California, and as such will continue operations under the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency

(CISA) guidance as for essential critical infrastructure work.

As this is an ever-evolving situation, we will be carefully tracking our supply for any possible material

shortages or interruptions related to COVID-19 and the new California regulations. At this time, we have

not experienced any disruptions that are impacting our ability to maintain your supply. However, we will

proactively connect with customers in the event we anticipate a supply disruption may affect our ability

to deliver.

While fulfilling customer needs is at the forefront of our contingency planning in the midst of COVID-19,

it is important to note that the welfare of our employees and customers is paramount. We have taken

additional steps to ensure we are carefully adhering to CDC guidelines in our manufacturing sites and

headquarters. We have created guidelines for our employees to minimize potential exposure, and we

are carefully planning ahead for any possible disruptions due to the virus.

Thank you for your trust in us as we navigate this situation together. Please reach out with any concerns

or questions.

T. J. Bland


AFFYX, A pision of Adhesives Technology Corp. and Member, Meridian Adhesives Group