Adhesives for the Automotive Industry
Adhesives are used in various instances in the automotive industry. For example, adhesives can be used to fix nearly any part from the chassis to sensors. They are used to attach parts of the car during assembly, especially in high-performance models that use composite materials rather than metal. Sealants are also ideal for attaching materials such as metal and composites, which cannot be welded.

Affyx offers quality adhesives in the manufacturing and assembly industries for the automotive industry. Here is a quick look at the adhesive and its applications.

Adhesive Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing & Assembly Applications

The adhesive used in every part of the automotive manufacturing parocess must possess the characteristics required to ensure a strong bond when the said part starts to function. We check various factors when creating these automotive adhesives, which has led us to expand our adhesive product range. Our broad portfolio includes epoxy, silicone, PVC-based, and rubber-based options.

We also use versatile curing options depending on the targeted part, including moisture, heat-cure, anaerobic, instant, thermal, dual-cure adhesion, and ultraviolet.

On the other hand, our adhesive solutions can also be used in various substrate bonding applications, including aluminum, various steel grades, rubber, composites, glass, and rubber, among others. In addition, the products come with various dispensing methods for enhanced efficiency and flexibility. You can apply our adhesives by brushing, pumping, hand-application, wiping and painting.

Key Features and Applications for Our Solutions

Affyx adhesive products have the ability to be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from under the hood to electrical and sealing tubes. Some popular under bonnet applications include core plug bonding, sealing formed-in gaskets, heat exchangers, hoses, and filter end cap bonding.

In addition, it can be used to plot and seal electrical parts such as sensors, relays, switches, and electric motors. Our adhesives can also be used in retaining and thread-locking bearings, pins, and bolts. Besides, they can be used in bonding interior trim and dashboard, driveshaft, chassis, gearbox, and sump cover.

Benefits For Using Our Adhesive Products

We have an outstanding track record of producing high-quality adhesives for the automobile market, and our satisfied customers can prove it. We understand that new customers have to consider various factors when choosing the best adhesive to use. A few major benefits that put us a notch above the rest are:


Our Affyx adhesive products are supported by a team of highly qualified employees who will guide you every step of the way. The team members are knowledgeable and committed. We value our relationships with members of our industry. Be assured that we will handle your orders with absolute professionalism.


We are a reliable adhesive vendor who does not try to entice new clients with low prices, only to increase them later. Our prices are straightforward and stated upfront to help you make an informed turnkey sealant buying decision.


We subject our automotive sealants to a comprehensive quality control process to ensure that each batch meets the specifications. We have various ASTM and in-house tests to ensure that we deliver high-quality products as ordered.


We have a team of experienced quality control managers who complete a full chemical analysis of each production run. This allows us to design products that meet any tolerance requirements.


Once we have found the right mix of chemicals, we can provide the product in small batches of up to 100 gallons or go full scale to 1,000 gallons. We can also package products in syringes and increase sizes to over 270-gallon totes.


We offer epoxy, cementitious, vinyl ester, polyurethane/polyurea, and polyether/MS polymer. These are available in various viscosities, performance levels, and cure rates.

Choose AFFYX For Your Private Label Adhesive Products

We understand the private-label adhesive market from manufacturing to filling and order fulfillment. Our private label products are certified by IAPMO and ICC. You can expedite your procurement by letting Affyx do the testing, certification, production, and supply chain logistics for you.

Contact us today and let our private label manufacturing services lift the load off your back. We are also hands-on in answering your queries and inquiries on other adhesive products.

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