It is quite common to develop cracks on the exterior of your property. These types of cracks may appear in a variety of different forms, including horizontal hairline cracks, vertical cracks, and other types of cracks as well. These cracks can be a sign of deeper problems in the property’s foundation. Taking care of these cracks means using an exterior crack filler. At Affyx, we offer exterior crack filler products, among a variety of other adhesive products that our customers find useful.

We have witnessed virtually every type of exterior crack issue that a customer could possibly face. We have also worked hard with our various customers and clients to ensure they have the resources they require to take care of those cracks. Filling the crack means taking care of the problem not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of repairing the potential structural damage that may exist within the foundation.

How Can You Use Crack Filler for Walls? 

The crack filler for walls that you purchase can be used to repair the exterior cracks that might have opened up due to a variety of different reasons. The crack filler is designed to be water-resistant and withstand anything that is thrown at it. It has to contain these properties to be useful for dealing with an exterior crack. After all, weather and other factors all come into play when dealing with exterior structural damage.

Always read all of the instructions on the products that you use to take care of exterior cracks. Each wall crack filler product will have a slightly different label of instructions. That said, it is generally the case that all of these products can be used to handle everyday exterior cracks. Typically, a wall crack filler product can be easily mixed with water. It can also be applied in layers of up to 5 mm in thickness. This is ideal for filling in the gaps that are created by exterior cracks. Most users will also sand the wall crack filler that they use to help ensure it creates a smooth finish.

Common Causes of Exterior Cracks 

There are many different potential causes of exterior cracks. Some of the most common factors that lead to exterior cracks include the following:

  • Lack of Construction Quality – The way that a building is initially created can have a major impact on the number, severity, and frequency of exterior cracks. If the building has not been properly designed, then exterior cracks can appear quite easily.
  • Natural Disasters – The impact of a natural disaster can be severe on the structure of any building. Exterior cracks may form as a result of the damage from the natural disaster. It may also make certain exterior cracks that already existed get even worse.
  • Moisture Issues – It is possible that moisture can seep into the exterior cracks that previously existed within the structure. When moisture gets into the cracks, it tends to expand them.

These are just a few of the common causes of exterior cracks. There are plenty of different ways that exterior cracks can form or can be worsened over time. You should always stay on top of the general maintenance of your properties so as to avoid a worsening situation.

Affyx: Crack Repair and Adhesives You Can Count On

Our broad array of adhesive and crack repair products will assist you in repairing the exterior cracks that have sprouted up on any property. Speak with one of our experts about which specific products are appropriate for your situation. We will gladly walk you through the process of understanding what product you need to get your hands on to repair exterior cracks. For more information, please contact us about the various products that are best for your project.

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