Private Label Services

The Promise of Performance

Some contractors batch, some contractors fill, and yes, some batch and also fill. But AFFYX™ is the only manufacturer of building-code-compliant structural adhesives in the USA that does it all – raw materials in, finished goods out – along with chemistry development, rigorous quality control, on-demand high-resolution color label printing, logistics support, field engineering, and training. Ours are private label contract services and turnkey solutions that lead the private label adhesives industry.

Private Label Contract Services

Product Technology

The Promise of Science

AFFYX is the name to trust for private label adhesives that meet or exceed your performance requirements. Our state-of-the-art laboratory, staffed by expert chemists, chemical engineers, and dedicated technologists, is responsible for the quality of dozens of proprietary adhesives available for private label contract services.

Because some of our products are independently certified, we are vigilant in maintaining the standards needed to pass rigorous independent audits by globally recognized organizations like UL, IAPMO and ICC for our quality management systems. You can also find us on Google! 

Your Chemistry or Ours

The Promise of Precision

Our chemistry department will optimize your adhesives’ formula if needed. Viscosity, cure rates, stability, dispensability, color, and other physical properties are important differentiators and we know how to balance them with precision. We’ll modify our off-the-shelf products too, if that’s what you need, to meet your customer’s technical requirements.

our chemists and chemistry for our products
quality control rheometer at affyx

Quality Control

The Promise of Consistency

AFFYX chemists and technicians are responsible for assuring that every production batch meets specifications. Lab personnel employ a full range of ASTM and proprietary in-house evaluations, producing, transmitting as needed, and archiving evidence to allow lifetime tracking. Every container we fill is traceable back to the source of its components, using lot identifiers integrated with our ERP software. It’s a level of confidence that we don’t just promise, we deliver.


The Promise of The Future

AFFYX produces chemical formulations which exceed industry performance standards while remaining environmentally conscious. We offer private label adhesives that are solvent-free, nonylphenol-free and styrene-free.

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our manufacturing facility at affyx


The Promise of Scalability

With diverse chemistries and broad product offerings, AFFYX has designed its manufacturing facility with flexibility and scalability in mind. We can run pilot batches of 100 gallons or less, and can accommodate any commercial order on our 1,000 gallon mixers.

Changeovers are efficient and routine, with resource ordering, batch scheduling, shift management and logistics all linked through ERP software.

Filling Operations

The Promise of Efficiency

You can’t buy a factory like ours. We designed most of our filling apparatus on our own, improving on standard features in many areas. Whether boosting filling efficiencies or eliminating atmospheric entrainment in moisture sensitive chemistries, our passion for technology accompanies every container that rolls off the line.

The result is an efficient filling operation that is configurable not just across container types but also our wide range of chemistries and batch volumes. It keeps our costs down, and your selling margins up.

filling operations and shipping operations at affyx
all affyx products are made in the usa

Made in the USA

The Promise of Trust

Most of our products qualify for the “Made in the USA” designation, in accordance with CFR 49 section 50101. Can your current supplier make that claim? Certified domestic production can make the difference in winning significant transportation or construction contracts. AFFYX is proud of our contribution to the U.S. economy and proud that our customers have confidence in our making this important claim.

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our in-house packing operationg for affyx products


The Promise of Versatility

In adhesives, functional packaging is an integral part of the product offer. So we provide a broad menu of packaging technologies and sizes—from ½-ounce syringes and 6-ounce cartridges, up to 270-gallon totes.

Whether you require dual-component configurations in side-by-side or caulk-style cartridges, or pails, drums and other bulk containers, AFFYX will consult with you on the best combination of functionality, efficiency and shelf-life. When needed, we’ll work with you on developing and manufacturing custom packaging to meet your specific needs.

In-House Label Printing

The Promise of Branding

We’re happy to receive your own labels and affix them. And we’re just as happy to print them in-house with our Mark Andy digital web press. You can trust AFFYX for high quality, accurate reproduction, seamless application, near-instant availability of freshly-printed materials, and ready access to artwork and copy adjustments on demand. It’s more than labeling, it’s the promise of brand identification.

in-house label printing for our products

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logistics and analysis at affyx


The Promise of Fulfillment

Batching and filling on tightly managed schedules requires well-coordinated distribution. Whether servicing a single warehouse or a network of distribution centers, our in-house logistics team is experienced in rapid, efficient operations.

At the earliest possible moment during production, we’ll arrange optimal shipping based on pre-negotiated carrier schedules. Or if we’re facilitating your transporter, we’ll comply with whatever protocols are required. When the product is ready, we’ll pack, seal and label master packs accurately, palletize and wrap (in opaque film, as needed, to conceal brand identities) and stage for transport.

Warehousing arrangements and drop-ship fulfillment are also available when needed.

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Support Services

The Promise of Added Value

With a staff of chemists, chemical engineers, and PE-credentialed civil engineers, AFFYX provides a level of technical and field support that goes beyond any other private label adhesives company in North America. Our applications consulting helps companies like yours sell more, sell up into the value stream, and earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. It’s about more than keeping our mixers spinning; it is a promise that provides real added value.

This dedication to technical performance explains why AFFYX grants access to proprietary design software that ensures our products can be specified and then used under critical design conditions. It’s a valuable adjunct to your customers’ engineering toolkit.

We’ve even added a training facility to host technical seminars and keep your staff and important customers in-the-know.

technical support services at affyx


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