The Promise of Fulfillment

Batching and filling on tightly managed schedules requires well-coordinated distribution. Whether servicing a single warehouse or a network of distribution centers, our in-house logistics team is experienced in rapid, efficient operations.

At the earliest possible moment during production, we’ll arrange optimal shipping based on pre-negotiated carrier schedules. Or, if we’re facilitating your transporter, we’ll comply with whatever protocols are required.

When the product is ready, we’ll pack, seal and label master packs accurately, palletize and wrap (in opaque film, as needed, to conceal brand identities), and stage for transport.

Warehousing arrangements and drop-ship fulfillment are also available when needed.

The Value of Private Label Logistics

You’ve ordered your private label adhesives. Now what? If you don’t have a reliable way to get your products moving through the supply chain, you won’t be able to sell them. You may need to ship your order to your distribution center, retail partners in many locations, or some other destination. Whatever your needs may be, AFFYX can help you make it happen.

Our logistics solution is more than just shipping products to your preferred address. We also handle batching, packing, labeling, and negotiation with carriers. Choosing private label logistics means knowing that professionals handle your logistics.

See the value of private label logistics for yourself.

How to Private Label Adhesive Products

Private labeling is a cost-effective and efficient way to get your business’s name out into the marketplace. Adhesive products are popular for many uses, from craft projects to industrial applications, and private labeling these products can give your company an edge over competitors. You can incorporate your logo or brand onto one of our adhesive products.

Who Should Work With AFFYX Logistics?

Many of our customers choose to let us handle their logistics. Of course, we are happy to simply package your products and let you handle the rest. However, for many clients, especially those with products being delivered to many destinations, it is helpful to take advantage of our full range of adhesives fulfillment services. Just like our products themselves, our logistics services mean that you can sit back and let us worry about the details while you grow your business.

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Why Choose AFFYX for Your Private Label Logistics?

AFFYX has been providing turnkey private label adhesives solutions for decades. We know how to handle every aspect of the private label product delivery process. This means that you can benefit from our expertise and relationships:

  • Tightly managed scheduling to ensure the right products get delivered at the right time.
  • Rapid and efficient operations regardless of whether you are delivering to a single location or a network of partners.
  • Low, pre-negotiated carrier rates to get you the best possible deal.
  • Ability to comply with whatever shipping protocols may be needed.
  • Capabilities for packing, sealing, labeling, palletizing, and wrapping. We handle it all.

Additionally, we can work with other logistical arrangements as well. For example, we help some customers with warehousing arrangements and can fulfill drop-shipments when needed.

Our staff is a highly capable team of adhesives experts. From chemists to designers to logistics professionals, we have you covered on every front. They are the reason why our customers consistently rave about our solutions.

How To Get Started

Typically, our customers arrange their logistics when placing private label orders. When you decide that you want to expand your brand with adhesives, let us know what your needs are. We will discuss your requirements and make sure that we are ready to offer you a complete solution.

For logistics, all you need to do is let us know where your orders need to be delivered, when they should be delivered, and whether there are any other requirements. We will handle the rest. Plus, you can always change your logistics arrangements as you grow. Many of our customers expand from small, infrequent deliveries to much larger orders as their adhesive products take off.

What To Expect From AFFYX Logistics

When you choose AFFYX logistics, you can expect the same great private label experience that you get with our products. You will immediately be able to recognize our staff’s expertise. We will work with you to create a plan that will empower your business while working for your budget. Our logistics team members know how to run a tight ship and are happy to let you take advantage of their knowledge and skills.

Your Reliable Supplier of Adhesives

When you choose AFFYX for your private label adhesives fulfillment, you are placing your brand in the right hands. We can handle all your adhesives needs, including managing logistics. From packing to scheduling to negotiating rates, we have you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey solutions.


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