Adhesives Packaging

AFFYX™ provides comprehensive private label adhesives services. This includes providing packaging and labeling for our clients. We are a one-stop shop for private label adhesives. If you want to extend your brand with adhesives for construction, manufacturing, repairs, and more, we can help you from determining the chemistry to packaging to logistics. You can also find more about our private label services here.

Benefits of AFFYX Private Label Manufacturing

Getting the right packaging for your adhesives will help you address your customers’ needs more effectively. At AFFYX, we can help you build your adhesives product line while also boosting your brand.

  • High-Quality Packaging: We offer top-quality packaging solutions for all our adhesive products. Whether you order a small syringe or a large tote, you can be confident that the packaging will be excellent.
  • Numerous Packaging Options: Our goal is to serve your brand’s needs. Thus, we offer numerous materials and sizes for packaging.
  • Branded Solutions: Our contract packaging includes printed labels. You can display your brand proudly on all your private label product orders.
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Solutions: We don’t just make and package the product; we also ship it to your location(s).

Various Packaging Materials

With AFFYX packaging, you can choose the material and form factor that works best for your needs. We will work with you to find the materials options that will maximize function, efficiency, and shelf-life for your application(s). This includes various environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We handle the full supply chain for your brand, from sourcing materials through to distribution. Therefore, we strive to offer as many options as possible throughout the process.

In-House Label Printing: Solutions with High Volume Printers

In addition to adhesives packaging, we can provide custom label printing to give your products a more distinctive look. Our in-house printing capabilities mean that we can create and affix high-quality labels with accurate reproductions, perfect application, and rapid availability of materials. We understand that product labeling is a lot more than just adding your company marks to your products; it is helping you build a memorable and persuasive brand. If you need Product Technology help, we have you covered.

We can work with your designs or help you to create your packaging from scratch. Our team is available for artwork and copy changes on-demand. With help from AFFYX, your adhesives will be perfectly packages and labeled to ensure your business’s success.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Your private label adhesives won’t do your business much good if they aren’t in the right place. We can handle the logistics for orders ranging from small pilot runs to large-scale bulk orders. This includes running tightly managed production schedules and coordinating distribution.

We have pre-negotiated carrier schedules and relationships with numerous transporters. Whether you want us to handle shipping ourselves or coordinate with your logistics provider, we are here to support your brand’s fulfillment success. AFFYX is the end-to-end private label adhesives solution for your brand. That includes packing, sealing, labeling, palletizing, wrapping, and staging your products for shipping.

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Our Private Label Packaging Services

The right packaging can help to make your adhesives more practical for different customers. At AFFYX, we have a variety of adhesives packaging options ranging from 0.5-ounce syringes to 270-gallon totes. In between those options, we have cartridges, pails, drums, and more to satisfy every customer’s unique packaging needs.

Private Label Packaging Options

Cartridges are the most popular packaging option for adhesives that will be delivered to end-users (both consumers and professionals). We can provide options such as caulk-style cartridges and even side-by-side cartridges for dual-component delivery.

Alternatively, we can provide bulk packaging such as pales or totes for wholesale operations and other such applications. The AFFYX team will work with you to determine the right packaging for your needs. If necessary, we can also design custom solutions. We can both plan your custom packaging and, in many cases, manufacture it in-house.

Adhesive Applicators and Tools

Our contract packaging services also include adhesive applicators, nozzles, delivery guns, and brushes. We can provide a full range of accessories based on your requirements. For clients with unique needs, we can custom-design and manufacture items using our in-home 3D printing capabilities. Just like our adhesive products themselves, our packaging solutions can be tailored to your needs.

Premium-quality packaging can help to set your brand apart. This differentiation is even better with custom accessories and packaging solutions. Our goal is to provide everything you need to succeed.

Private Label Adhesive Manufacturing from AFFYX

Discover more about AFFYX’s comprehensive slate of private label adhesive services. You can’t settle for a supplier with inadequate services when you want to expand your brand to include new adhesive products. Instead, let AFFYX handle everything from manufacturing to packaging to shipping. Contact us today to learn more.

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